Annual General Meetings (AGMs) for 2012 – posted on noticeboards on 5-11-2012

Please be formally advised and invited to the upcoming Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

Wednesday, November 28th –
AGM of the Community Centre, with EGM of ECSE Limited
(7.30 pm at the Community Centre)

Wednesday, December 5th –
AGM of the Ethelburga Community Residents’ Association (ECRA)
with a pre-Christmas drink and bite
(7.00 pm at the Community Centre)

Please attend, your voice and inputs are important.

Residents’ Association Major Works Meeting Monday 21st May at 7.30 pm

Before the Council’s consultation with residents over Major Works (now re-named “Ex Decs”, for external decorations) on Wednesday 23rd May, between 4.30 and 7.15 pm, the Residents’ Association are having a briefing meeting on Monday, 21st at 7.30 pm, so that we can discuss the details behind the figures contained in the notification Phase-1 leaseholders will have received. This will help you meet with the Council on a better informed basis.

Phase-1 covers –  2-84 Ethelburga Street  :  7 & 9 Ethelburga Street  :  1-42 Makelyne Close  :  43-73 Maskelyne Close  :  30-76 Rosenau Road  :  1-69 Watford Close  :  2 – 52 Watford Close